Businesses in the five counties served by NTRPDC can rely on our programs to help you grow and prosper. We also support entrepreneurial efforts by helping new businesses get started. Think of Northern Tier as an extension of your extra hand where you need it most.

Existing and start-up businesses can use low-interest financing through Northern Tier's Loan Programs, and other state and federal sources, to help create and retain jobs in the region. Specific terms and conditions vary according to the funding source.

Eligible uses include land acquisition, building costs, machinery and equipment, site preparation, and working capital. Ineligible uses include speculation of real or personal property, related-party transactions, loans used to relocate jobs from one labor market area to another, projects that cannot demonstrate job creation or retention, and projects that start prior to loan approval. Refinancing of existing debt is generally not eligible.

Our fact sheet (pdf) will give you an overview on our available financing.

New business start-ups are rapidly becoming an important part of the Northern Tier economy. Whether you're starting a new venture or thinking about expanding an existing one, we have a variety of tools to help you succeed.

Focused on sharing information to help businesses thrive in the Northern Tier region, the Business Calling Program links local business professionals to service providers. You are consulted one-on-one at your site to discuss any concerns or ideas about your business, and together work as a team to determine the best solutions for your needs. 

Up-to-date computer technology promotes better efficiency and communication. Businesses can receive assistance with anything related to the internet, from website assessment to connecting you to designers who can create a new site or enhance an existing one. Technical assistance workshops on e-commerce and internet usage are also provided.

Through a planning grant provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Program develops and maintains the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region. A group of local leaders from all sectors of the population guides the process. In addition, grants are packaged for public works projects and technical assistance.

Our region has more than 581 acres designated in the Commonwealth's KOZ program. Not only can the subzones allow for tax savings, participating businesses are given priority for various state and local community-building assistance programs. Click here for a current list of available KOZ sites in the Northern Tier region.

Businesses interested in selling their product or service to the federal and state governments and prime contractors-large commercial industries that are required to contract a percentage of their awards to small business-can get help through the Procurement Assistance Program. Our staff acts as a liaison in exploring subcontracting opportunities, and you can also receive personalized counseling and technical assistance. Bulletins and updates regarding pertinent contracting information are available, and we can also provide complete and current lists of Military Specifications and Standards, Commerce Business Daily (CBD), bid opportunities, award announcements, surplus government sales information ("Profile of Defense Spending in Pennsylvania: Status and Prospects") and much more.

For more information, click here to vist our Procurement page.

Think Globally Act Locally.
Once your business is established in the domestic market, international trade is a way to achieve a broader customer base and to protect your business during fluctuations in the economy. Northern Tier educates businesses in the basics of global trade. Whether you are researching a new market or customer; learning how to exhibit at an international trade show; or researching international resources, regulation changes or links to foreign trade offices, our staff can provide the guidance needed to successfully expand your market. We can also provide the link for you to network with other companies in the Northern Tier region that are already successful exporters.

For more information, click here to vist our Export page.