What is the WIB?
  Who is on the WIB?
  What does the WIB do?
  What is the LMC?
What is CareerLink?
What is the Youth Council?
  Who is on the Youth Council?
  How are Youth Council members selected?
  What is the Youth Program?
  What does it do?
  What Services are available through the Youth Program?
  Who qualifies?
  How do Youths Apply? (not available yet)
What is the Northeast Regional Health Care Industry Partnership?
What are the Regional Industry Clusters?

What is the WIB?
WIB stands for Workforce Investment Board… A group of executives from businesses, unions, schools, universities, and social services who oversee the Northern Tier region’s job training and placement programs.

According to federal law (the Workforce Investment Act of 1998), every workforce investment area must have a Workforce Investment Board in charge of its jobs programs. This law:

  • Envisions WIBs as “local business-led boards focusing on strategic planning, policy development and oversight of the local workforce investment system”
  • Sets limitations on the authority of WIBs to operate program
Who is on the WIB?

Craig Harting
WIB Chair
Sullivan County Rural Electric

Bill Farley
WIB Vice-Chair
Area Agency on Aging
Brenda Abplanalp
Director of Continuing Ed,
Penn College
Sam Anderson
Vice President of Store Operations,
Pump & Pantry
Robert Blair
Tioga County Development Corporation
Peter Butler
Engineering Manager,
Proctor & Gamble
Colleen Engler
Corporate Director of Recruitment & Professional Development,
Guardian Eldercare
Charity Field
Branch Executive Director,
Bradford County Branch YMCA
Elena Kilpatrick
Area General Manager,
Frontier Communications
Paul Kreischer
Central Bradford Progress Authority
Mike Narcavage
Community Relations Manager,
Southwestern Energy
Jody Neary
CAO-IM Supervisor,
PSSU/Local668 Member,
Wyoming CAO
Heather Nelson Assistant District Administrator,    Department of Labor & Industry Brenda Roberts
Educational Consultant,
Blast IU #17
Fred Robinson
Board Member, Bradford County Action 

Karen Russell              Owner,
Keystone North

Elaine Stalfa            Assistant Regional Director,                  Bureau of Workforce Development Loren Stone
Executive Vice President/CFO,
Endless Mts. Health System
Sandy Voda
Senior Employment
Cargill Taylor Beef
 Deb Wivell
Laurel Health Systems
Terri Zimmerman
Chapter Chair,


What does the WIB do?
The Northern Tier WIB oversees policy for workforce development and . . . Leads the strategic planning process…

  • Develops a five-year strategic plan
  • Coordinates workforce investment with economic development strategies
  • Promotes private sector involvement in the statewide workforce investment system

Oversees PA CareerLink®, employment, training, and youth activities (under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act)…

  • Charters sites for PA CareerLink® "One-Stop" employment office
  • Negotiates formal memoranda with "One-Stop" PA CareerLink® partners
  • Selects PA CareerLink® operators and youth service providers
  • Establishes eligibility and priority for PA CareerLink® services when funding is limited
  • Negotiates performance standards
  • Certifies eligible training providers
  • Establishes an "individualized training account" policy
  • Sets criteria for delivery and receipt of training services that meet labor market needs but maximize customer choice
  • Appoints the Youth Council

Works with the Local Management Committee (LMC) to oversee the EARN program (Employment Advancement and Retention Network). The WIB advises the LMC about employers’ job needs and labor shortages, so the Local Management Committee can develop effective training programs.

What is the LMC?
The LMC is a committee comprised of the major organizations that manages and directs the local operation of welfare programs. The voting members of the LMC must be decision-making level representatives from the following agencies: The LWIA fiscal agent, the CAO, The Bureau of Workforce Development Partnership, a local education agency, and the local economic development agency.

About the Local Plan...
The WIB must develop a comprehensive strategic plan – called the Local Plan -- and submit it to the Governor. This Local Plan must

  • Identify workforce needs and opportunities and the job skills necessary
  • Describe the "One-Stop" delivery system
  • Describe local level of performance
  • Describe and assess adult and dislocated worker employment and training activities
  • Describe how the WIB will coordinate with the statewide rapid response system
  • Describe and assess youth employment and training activities
  • Describe the process for public comment and input into the plan
  • Identify the fiscal agent responsible for dispersal of grant funds and the competitive process used to award grants and contracts
What is PA CareerLink®?
PA CareerLink® offers one-stop access to a wide range of employment and career development services to jobseekers and employers.  PA CareerLink® serves as a community resource for workforce needs.
  • PA CareerLink® is comprised of partner agencies providing workforce development services in one convenient location.  Each workforce investment area has at least one comprehensive PA CareerLink® site.  In the Northern Tier Region, the comprehensive PA CareerLink® offices are located in Towanda and Wellsboro.  Affiliate PA CareerLink® sites are located in Dushore, Susquehanna and Tunkhannock ensuring accessibility to customers thoughout the Northern Tier region. 
  • PA CareerLink® has an advanced online database that houses thousands of jobs available in Pennsylvania, connecting jobseekers and employers.  Visit us at www.jobgateway.pa.gov
  • The Northern Tier Region's PA CareerLink® system has professional staff to assist both jobseekers and employers in reaching their workforce goals. 

What is the Youth Council?

Executives from industry, education, and social services who:

  • Coordinate local youth activities
  • Recommend eligible youth providers
  • Oversee the Youth Program
  • Develop the portion of the WIB's Local Plan related to youth
  • The WIB appoints the Youth Council as a subgroup to the WIB.

The Youth Council links educational institutions such as high schools, alternative schools, childcare agencies, vocational programs, and two and four-year post-secondary institutions and other youth service providers in the community.

Who is on the Youth Council?

C. Fred Robinson
Youth Council Chair           Board Member,             Bradford County Action

Brenda Abplanalp
Director, Continuing Education,
Penn College

Daralyn Carr
Probation Officer,
Wyoming County Courthouse 

Susan DePumpo Robinson
Sayre Public Library
Annette Donovan
Former WIA Youth Participant
Charity Field 
Branch Executive Director
Bradford County Branch YMCA 
Elizabeth Frankhouser
Northern Tier Career Center

Jackie Johnson
Business & Community Liaison,
Red Rock Job Corps.

Tara LaFrance
Guidance Counselor,
Towanda Area High School

Kim Mapes
Center Director,
Lackawanna College
Tammi Mowry
Workforce Development Director,
The Trehab Center
Brenda Roberts
Educational Consultant
BlaST IU #17
Minturn Smith

Theresa Steele
Parent of WIA Youth Participant

John Swayze
Continuing Education Representative,
Penn State University

Penne Watkins
Executive Director,
Bradford County Action

How are Youth Council members selected?
The Youth Council must include WIB members (educators and others with interest and expertise) and representatives from

  • Service agencies, such as juvenile justice and local law enforcement
  • Local public housing authorities
  • Job Corps representatives (if applicable)
  • Parents of eligible youth
  • Individuals (including former participants) who represent organizations with experience in youth activities

What is the Youth Program?
The youth program is a federally funded program that provides eligible youth assistance in achieving academic and employment success.

What does the Youth Program Do?

  • Identifies and supports at-risk youth to stay in school
  • Assists out-of-school youth in obtaining a GED
  • Provides year-round education and employment opportunities

What Services are available through the Youth Program?

  • Tutoring and instruction leading to a high school diploma
  • Alternative secondary school offerings
  • Summer employment
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences
  • Occupational skills training
  • Leadership development activities
  • Supportive services
  • Adult mentoring
  • Follow up services
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling

Who Qualifies?
Economically disadvantaged youth who are 14 to 21 years of age and who have at least one barrier to employment.

What is the Northeast Regional Health Care Industry Partnership?
The health care industry is one of the largest employers in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Health care employers in the region face numerous human resource challenges and labor shortages, including:

  • the need for a highly skilled workforce,
  • misconceptions about career opportunities, and
  • rapidly changing technologies.

The Partnership brings together health care employers to address common training and education needs; acts as a channel for training curriculum development to address industry demand; and collaborates with secondary schools, parents, and career counselors to increase health care career awareness.

The Partnership acts as "one voice" in the industry to address common or overlapping human capital needs.

What are the Regional Industry Clusters?
The Northern Tier Workforce Investment Board aims to align resources in order to resolve the workforce skill gaps of local industries thus enhancing their competitive advantage and producing additional high skill, high pay, high demand jobs.

Utilizing industry cluster information, the Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission is focusing workforce and economic development efforts and funding on those industry clusters providing a significant and long-term impact to the region’s economy.

By following set standards, we have selected four industry clusters as the initial groups to focus upon as a region and agency.

  • Healthcare
  • Diversified Manufacturing
  • Lumber and Wood Products
  • Construction